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Elizabeth Hooper O’Mahony is a designer living and working in Dallas. Her namesake jewelry collection celebrates fine art and fashion; designs are fashion forward and communicate confident and bold irreverence. Her designs manifest the theme of tension and deconstruct the relationship between shapes and patterns. Inherent in this process is the exploration of the following paradoxes - how can an object be simultaneously raw and refined, simple and dramatic, elegant and rough, fluid and structured? Her design process starts organically by sketching shapes that exist in everyday life and nature with a focus on how to change that shape’s orientation and perspective and each collection is designed with the intent to tell a story. This results in shapes that are organic, elegant, sculptural and distinctive. Behind this process is the belief is that a piece of jewelry never complete until it is worn on the body; the goal is to find beauty in the imperfect. In that way, the body becomes a component of the design process. For Hooper O’ Mahony, jewelry is meant not only to adorn but to accentuate the natural lines and dimension of the body.