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Puzzle Collection

Inspired by the irregular and organic outlines of everything from clouds to tree bark, cracks in the sidewalk, to silhouettes of the human body, this collection consists of single pieces that can be put together to form a cohesive whole.  The concept of the puzzle is not only inspired by physical shapes but by how life itself is a puzzle; singular random events that are imperfectly put together to create new experiences. Notions of perspective and orientation are at play here as well as the idea of movement and impermanence; everything has fluidity, evolves, and changes. Our lives are big puzzles; this collection is a microcosm of that notion. 

In this collection, pieces are made to be interchanged and experimented with to give the wearer various options. This ultimately gives it a playful feel and makes the jewelry fun to wear. Because of its large scale, pieces in the Puzzle Collection make a statement and are appropriate for any occasion.

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