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Into The Fold

“Fold” in old English is term for “times” or “rounds”; the idiom “into the fold” means to welcome a group of people who share the same faith or system of belief to come together. In the field of metalsmithing, fold forming is a technique where sheets of metal are hammered and bent into three dimensional shapes. This involves using the metal’s plasticity to create complex forms; it allows the metal to fold in a natural way instead of forcing it. 

The pieces in this collection are all made via the fold form technique and celebrate the ability of metal to bend and move in a multitude of complex and beautiful ways. This method highlights the material’s inherent nature – it ability to adapt and be easily formed. This ties in with the idea of bringing people into the fold as it implies that those who share common beliefs inherently come together to form a shape or structure if you will. We live in a time when finding a tribe is a means of survival; building a community is about power and expanding cultural ideals. By finding our “shape” and recognizing the similar yet unique “shapes” of others, we can welcome people into our community and grow with common purpose and with real power; it is inclusive. This collection celebrates this notion while it celebrates the beauty of metal as a raw, flexible, strong and unbreakable material.

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